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Zip Utilities

Name Size Description More Info Which OS? Website
EasyZip 4.6 131Kb An extractor for .cab files.  Very useful. Freeware Win95/98/NT

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WinZip 8.0 1.2MB A very popular file compression utilit.y Shareware Win9x/Me/NT/00

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ArkoSoft FileZip 1.4MB Similar to Winzip but less powerful. Shareware Win95/98/NT4 click here
FreeZipper 3.0 485Kb Good Zip Utility with a nice interface. Freeware Win95/98 click here
Install Zip 1.4 460Kb Solid program with an Explorer style interface. Freeware Win95/98 click here
Zip Central 980Kb Easy-to-use, and still a popular choice. Freeware Win95/98/NT4 click here
ZipMagic 2000 4.9MB Use Zip files without unzipping them (access zipped files like normal Windows folders) includes many powerful features. Shareware Win95/98/NT click here