Photoshop Tutorials

Tutorial 6: Curved Text
What you'll start with: What you'll end up with:

A nice effect that can be useful if you're trying to bend text around a circular object.  Or if you just happen to be a sports team logo designer!

1. Load Photoshop and insert some text into your document.  Press 'Ctrl' and 'Enter' to deselect your text.

2. Go to (Layers, Layer Style) and choose the Inner Shadow style.  Now choose the Stroke style and change its Size to 2.  Then change the Fill Type to Gradient and choose a gradient from the list.  Finally, choose the Drop Shadow style and increase its Opacity to 100%.

3. For the arching, go to Layer, Type, Warp Text.  Choose Arch from the Style dropdown box and change the Bend to 20%.  That's it, you're done!