Photoshop Tutorials

Tutorial 2: Fixing a Dark Photo
What you'll start with:

What you'll end up with:

It is common to take underexposed photos, especially if the surrounding light is insufficient. Photoshop provides an extremely easy and powerful solution to adjust the levels of lighting in any kind of image.

1. Load Photoshop and open your image (File, Open).

2. Open a new blank document (File, New) and drag-and-drop your image into the document.  Now go to Image, Adjust, Levels on the menu (or press Ctrl+L) to load the Levels window.

3. You will notice three vertical arrow-heads evenly spaced in the center of the window.  By moving the middle and the far-right arrows to the left you will get more light in your image.  Make sure Preview is ticked so that you can see the changes.

By pressing the Auto button, you allow Photoshop to try and automatically adjust the levels for you.

Another way of fixing the dark photo is to use the Curves tool by pressing Ctrl+M and then dragging the line up and down at the center.