Photoshop Tutorials

Tutorial 11: Animated Banners in ImageReady

This tutorial will teach you how to create an animation banner in ImageReady.

1. Load ImageReady and open any existing PSD document, with at least two layers in it, which we will be using to transition between in the final animation.

2. Make sure the Animation window is displayed at the bottom of your screen.  If not, enable it by clicking on Window, Animation on the menu bar.  Now, make sure the layer you want to appear first shows up in the small screen in the Animation box.

3. Click the box with the '1' in the top left of it and drag it on the Duplicate current frame icon and you will get a second box to the right of it.

4. Whilst the second box is highlighted, click the 'eye' icon in the 'Layers' box to show only the layers you want displayed in the second transition.  If you now click on the first and second boxes in the 'Animation' box, two different layers should be displayed on your canvas.

Click for larger view
click here for larger view

5. Then, set the time interval between transitions by setting the "wait time after" value for each transition.  Click on 0 sec. at the bottom of first box and set the time interval.  Do the same for the second.

6. Finally, click on the Play icon at the bottom of the 'Animation' box and your transition will play for you.  To export your completed animation, click on File, Save Optimized As... and give it a name.

To view a video clip of the whole tutorial, click here (wmv zipped, 56s, 2.62MB)