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Protection Programs

Name Size Description More Info Which OS? Website
ZoneAlarm 2.6 2.8MB An excellent freeware personal firewall for your PC. Freeware Win9x/Me/NT/00

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Lockdown 2000 2.2MB A good protection program against hackers. Demo.  Full version available Win95/98

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Blackice defender n/a This is my favorite firewall. Buy Online $39.95 Win95/98

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Auto run Virus Protection 1.0 317Kb A wonderful data backup and zip suite. Shareware Win95/98


Busjack 1.1 290Kb Check to see if you've been infected by Netbus and remove it! Freeware Win95/98 click here
Garrison v1.06 461Kb Works with Dr. Solomon's AntiVirus to do some neat stuff! n/a Win95/98 n/a
Pretty Park Cleaner 728Kb Remove the Pretty Park virus from your system if you've been infected Freeware Win95/98/NT click here
QuickHeal V5.20 3.9MB A very impressive virus scan utility. Shareware Win95/98/NT click here
Rmhpy99 45Kb Remove the 'Happy New Year' virus from your system Freeware Win95/98/NT click here
Virus Trap 84Kb A very easy way to check if you are infected with a virus. Freeware Win95/98 click here