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Sound Issues

Q. There is no sound from my card.
A. There seems to be a IRQ crash.  Change the IRQs of other components until there is no crash.  Go to the Device Manager for all this
Q. Interferences occur in sound.
A. Open up your machine and move your sound card as far away as possible from other cards.  This is what's causing the signal interference.  Also, check that the cables coming out of your sound card aren't near the power supply or crossing over its main cables.
Q. Windows detects 2 sound cards. and my sound card has stopped working
A.  Boot into Safe-Mode and go to the Device Manager (right click on My Computer, then Properties).  Remove both sound cards and restart.  Now Windows will only detect one.
Q. I can't here any audio from my audio CDs
A. There is a thin cable that connects your CD-ROM to your sound card.  This allows your sound card to output audio CDs.  Make sure this wire is connected.  If you don't have it, go out and buy one that fits your sound card.
Q. I hear strange noises from my sound card
A. This is probably a DMA conflict.  Other data is being decoded into sound waves resulting in a mess.  Change the DMA settings of your sound card of of other devices.
Q. My sound from my audio CDs are of poor quality
A. Open up your PC and make sure the cable between your sound card and CD-ROM is crossing over many devices or drives.  try to fiddle with it a bit until the quality is normal.