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Q. I have installed my scanner drivers but am having problems
A. Go to the Windows device manager (Windows Key and Pause) and check for any conflicts.  If you don't find any, go to your Autoexec.bat or Config.sys files and disable (place ; at the beginning of the line) any lines which have to do with 16-bit drivers for your scanner.
Q. My scanner came with no scanning software, what should I use? 
A. If your scanner is TWAIN compliant (most are) then you'll be able to use your scanner with many image editing software like MGI Photosuite or Pant Shop Pro.
Q. Should I buy a Parallel ,SCSI, or USB scanner?
A.  Parallel ports are cheaper but much slower than SCSI and USB.  SCSI scanners are speedy and come at a good price.  However, the best you can get in terms of speed would be USB!  If money's not a factor, go for a USB one.
Q. When I reach the desktop my PC freezes right after it recognizes my SCSI scanner!
A. Check Autoexec.bat and Config.sys for any installed 16-bit drivers for your SCSI card.  This is the main reason for the lockups you are facing at start up. 
Q. My printer prints a blank page after a job.
A. Open your Printers folder and right click on your Printer.  From the menu that appears click on Properties.  Switch to the General tab and choose None from the Separator Page option.
Q. I have installed a black ink cartridge.  However, when I want to print, I am told that I must have a color cartridge installed.  How can I print?
A.  Go to your Printer's properties and look for any options dealing with ink cartridges.  That's the mostly likely place where you can find the solution to your problem.
Q. I want to install 2 printers but have only 1 parallel port.
A. The best thing is to buy printers that support USB and connect them using your PC's USB hubs.  This makes the process of installing drivers much easier and prevents conflicts.  If you don't have USB hubs, try buying a parallel port switch box which enables you to have up to 3 parallel ports.
Q. How can I tell Windows 98 that my printer is a network printer?
A. Unlike Windows 95, 98 knows when your printer is a network one.  So you don't have to worry about this one.  Just let the ol' Windows handle it.
Q. Should I use spool?
A. Spooling makes printing faster by speeding up the time Windows takes to send your data to the printer.  Open up the Printers folder, right click on your printer and choose Properties.  Switch to the Details tab and then choose Spool Settings.  Then check both Spool print jobs so program finishes printing faster and Start printing after first page is spooled.
Q. When I print graphics, I don't get top quality images.
A. Make sure your graphics are set at the maximum possible resolution supported by your printer (72dpi may look good on-screen, but will look jagged on paper)