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Q. Why does my modem display NO DIALTONE when I want to connect
A. Check your socket with a working phone.  Also, only use the wire that came with your modem for connections
Q. Why does my 56K modem not connect at 56K?
A.  Simply put, to achieve 56K speeds your analogue line must be top quality to get clean digital links between your ISP and you.  Because not all lines are this good, you can only expect an average speed of about 48Kbps.
Q. My 56K modem only connects at 36.6K?
A. You probably have an old K56Flex. Check with your manufacturer's Web site for a flash ROM upgrade to the new V.90 standard.   
Q. Can more than 1 PC on a network share a modem?
A. Yes, using 3rd part software.  If you have Windows 98 Second Edition, you can use the Internet Connection Sharing component to share your internet connection.
Q. Can I use my WinModem or Soft56K with other OSes?
A. No, these modems rely on Windows to operate certain tasks.  Most of theirwork uses software instead of hardware.
Q. My modem disconnects randomly whenever it feels like it.
A. Double click on Modem in the Control Panel.  Click on Properties and switch to the Connection tab.  Click Advanced and enter the following string on 1 line into the extra Settings field: ATS15=128 &K3 S34=32 S12=0
Q. I was told that long modem cables degrade speed, is this true?
A. Absolutely, longer cables tend to slower your internet connection because of the signal degradation they have.  Always try and use a short modem to connect to the internet.
Q. How can I stop random disconnections?
A. Go to Control Panel and open click on Modems.  Click on Properties and switch to the Connection tab.  Now click on Advanced and enter the following in the Extra Settings box: ATS15=128 &K3 S34=32 S12=0
Q.  I travel a lot and am usually faced with an error message from my Modem: 'No Dial Tone'
A. Configure your modem to use blind dialing by using HyperTerminal to send the comand ATX3.