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Monitors / Graphics Cards

Q. I can't see anything on my monitor.
A. Make sure the connection cable is tightly screwed to your monitor and that your monitor isn't stuck to the wall.  Also, check if the monitor is turned on (I can see you're laughing...)
Q. Some areas of my screen seem discolored
A. This is because your monitor has been near a magnetic field.  Use your monitor's degauss function to get a clear picture.  If you don't have this function, take your monitor away from the field and the image should return to normal in a few days or weeks at times.
Q. I can see 2 thin horizontal lines across the screen.
A.  This is normal if you're monitor uses the Trinitron/Diamondtron tube technology.  These lines are actually shadows of wires behind the screen.
Q. My display corrupts (messy icons and pages...) for no reason at all.
A. This is down to a problem with your display driver.  Download the latest driver from your card's manufacturer.
Q. My display keeps flickering.
A. You could have a problem with your monitor's refresh rate.  Try lowering the refresh rate to one that your monitor supports from the Display Properties.
Q. My graphics card only displays 16-Bit colors and nothing more.
A.  Make sure you have the latest drivers installed.  Your system seems to be thinking you only have 128 of onboard memory on your graphics card.
Q. My display shakes when I turn on my monitor
A. First of all, make sure the monitor cable is not faulty.  If you find that it is absolutely normal, then there is something wrong with your monitor's degauss circuit.  You will have to get it replaced or fixed.
Q. When my phone is set on 'vibrator' and it rings, my monitor starts shaking
A. If any color has been corrupted, use your monitor's degauss feature.  Otherwise, a simple tap on the monitor will stop the shaking.