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Q. I cannot access my CD-ROM drive in DOS.
A. The reason is that the CD-ROM DOS drivers are not installed.  All you have to do is get a hold of them and install them under DOS.  They should have come with your drive.  If not, try to download them from your CD-ROM manufacturer's web site.
Q. How can I prevent my CDs from running automatically?
A. Simply by holding Shift when you insert the CD in the drive!
Q. A CD is stuck in the drive, how can I get it out?
A.  There should be a small hole below your CD tray.  Using a paper clip, force it into the hole and the tray will open automatically. 
Q. I can't see the CD drive in Windows.
A. Assuming the drive is IDE, try physically isolating the CD drive and allowing no other drives to be on its channel.  In other words, The IDE channel should only connect the CD drive  to the motherboard, thus, eliminating any conflicts.
Q. There seems to be no sound when running DVD movies.
A. This is probably a software problem.  Open the windows volume controller (from the taskbar or control panel) and click the Advanced button.  Finally tick the box Zv-Port.  If this button is not visible, try simply increasing the volume.
Q. Pink jittery lines appear across the screen when running DVD movies.
A. This occurs because the image is too big for the monitor to handle.  to fix this problem, do the following: While the movie is running, right click anywhere on the screen and choose Audio/Visual from the menu.  Switch to the Display tab and choose Widescreen Monitor.
Q. When playing DVD movies, only a blue screen appears.
A.  This has to do with the resolution set by your PC.  DVD movies operate at a resolution of 720x480 pixels.  Therefore, run your system at a 16-bit 800x600 resolution.  Also, disable any virtual desktop software you may have enabled.
Q. Why is the image quality of my DVD movies poor?
A. TVs are better when it comes to DVD movies.  The reason is because of the TV's lack of combing (the phosphor takes a longer time to fade).  Therefore, try watching your movies on your TV and not on your monitor.
Q. There is no display when running movies on my laptop.
A. There seems to be some problems with your settings.  Press the Fn key and F7.  You should see a small blue box in the top left corner listing VideoSrc.  Cycle through the available options by pressing the key repeatedly until you reach the DVD setting you want.
Q. My normal CD drive cannot read CDs created with my CD-RW drive
A. Because your CD-RW is using UDF packet-writing, CDs created using this format cannot be read on normal CD drives.  The solution is to do the following if you're using Adaptec's DirectCD software: Right click on your CD-RW drive and choose Eject Now choose the option to close the CD forever and make it readable on all PCs.  If you still want to write to it in the future, download the UDF reader software from:  This enables you to read the disk even before closing it forever on other machines.
Q. How can I disable Autoplay permanently?
A. Open Device Manager and double click on your CD-ROM.  Switch to the Settings tab and uncheck the AutoInsert Notification box.