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Hard Drives

Q. My system supports FAT32, how can I convert my hard drive to this format?
A. In Windows 98, use the FAT32 convert to convert your hard disk to this format.  However, if it supports it then it probably is FAT32.
Q. Can my hard drive and CD-ROM be installed on the same EIDE cable?
A. Yes, making the hard disk master and the CD-ROM slave.  However, it is not recommended to have both on one channel since it reduced the hard drives overall performance.
Q. My Hard disk is not bootable.
A.  Make a Start-Up disk using Windows by going to Control Panel, Add/Remove, Start Up Disk.  Then go to your hard disk and copy the file SYS.COM to your start up disk.  Finally, boot your PC using the disk and type the following at the prompt: SYS A: C: Now restart and all will be well.
Q. I seem to be losing my data slowly day by day
A. This is down to your hard drive having bad sectors.  Run a thorough check using ScanDisk and any bad sectors will be marked so that they are not used when writing data in the future.  If the problem persists, or if you have a lot of bad sectors, replace your hard disk.
Q. My Drive letters have all been mixed.
A. All you have to do is partition your slave drive as a single extended partition.
Q. My hard disks are running in MS-DOS Compatibility Mode, how can I fix this?
A. Windows has a real-time driver loaded.  If Windows does not have the appropriate 32-Bit drivers loaded, Compatibility Mode is turned on.  'REM' out or remove any drivers that are not needed in Autoexec.bat or Config.sys.  Drivers could be for the CD, mouse, or a parallel port.  Also check Win.ini for any old drivers.
Q. Can I use EIDE, Ultra-ATA, or Ultra-DMA hard disks with my current IDE one?
A. Absolutely.  These are all back-compatible. 
Q. Scandisk says I have bad sectors, is this serious?
A. Hard disks can form bad sectors over time if they become too old.  If ScanDisk only finds a few bad sectors, then ignore the problem since ScanDisk will prevent the sectors from being used by your hard disk.  If, however, you have a lot of bad sectors, seriously think of replacing your hard disk before you lose all your data!
Q. My PC is in a cold environment, will my hard disk be affected?
A. If you're PC is in such an environment, then you should allow your hard disk to warm up for about 10 minutes from the time you switch it on.  Just like a car, eh?
Q. I have lost access to my hard disk, help!
A. Go to DOS and type the command FDISK /mbr which will re-initialize the Master Boot Record.