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General PC Problems

Q. Should I leave my PC on all the time, or only when I'm using it?
A. Generally, turning PCs (or any electronics devices) on and off repeatedly can shorten their life.  However, keeping them on all the time is no logical solution.  It just keeps your electricity bill high.  We recommend you use your computer's sleep mode if it supports it.  It consumes less energy in this state and can be started in less than 10 seconds 
Q. How can I create my own screensaver?
A.  The Marquee screensaver built into Windows can do the job of giving you a fully customized screensaver including your own text.  However, if you want a screensaver created completely by yourself, you can use one of the many 3rd party software available.  If you know Visual Basic, then you can also create a screensaver provided you know what you are doing!
Q. Is it advisable to take my PC's case off for cooling purposes?
A. Although this might sound like a good solution for cooling your PC, it has many disadvantages.  If anything touches your board or any other components while your PC is running, serious damaged can occur.  Also, your board and components will gather more dust than before.  All I can say is that most CPU fans or heatsinks do a good job when it comes to cooling
Q. What is the ideal monitor size for me?
A. Generally, 17" monitors are good for most people, although 19" would be recommended.  The days of 14" and 15" monitors are over.  Nowadays, games and applications have caused many people to spend their money on a good quality, sharp, and large display since it is what affects you the most when using your PC.
Q. Does dust on my cards and board affect my system?
A. Certainly.  It can cause system crashes, error messages, overheating etc.  Always clean the inside of your system thoroughly.
Q. How much space do I need to have between the back of my pc and the wall?
A. For optimum cooling, make sure you have at least half a foot between the back of your PC and the wall.  However, we do recommend a greater distance of up to a foot.