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Windows 95/98

Q. When I boot my PC and enter Windows a blue screen appears and everything else freezes. When I move the mouse everything starts working again.
A. The culprit here is your mouse. Make sure you're using the latest mouse drivers. If this doesn't work, then change the mouse driver to the one supplied by Windows. To do this go to Device Manager in the Control Panel and then click once on the mouse driver and remove it. Restart Windows and the standard Windows driver will be installed.
Q. I'm sick of accidentally pressing the Windows key during games and having it minimize them.
A. Well then, go to and look for a program called Kernel Toys. You'll find a keyboard remap program.  Download it and that pesky Windows key will never bother you again.
Q. I recently changes my Startup and Shutdown pictures but they don't show.
A. Looks like the images are the wrong type.  You need a 320x400 pixels in 256 colors, saved as a .bmp file.  If you haven't backed up the original images, then use CabView to view your cab files on your Windows CD and look for the files you want.
Q. ScanDisk found some errors and offered to fix them so I said OK.  The next time I restart, it gives me the same message!
A. Restart your PC in pure DOS mode and switch to the C:\ prompt.  Now type scandisk and run a thorough or standard check from within DOS.
Q. I don't need some icons in the Control Panel, how can I delete them?
A. Control Panel icons are stored as .cpl files.  Go to your System directory which is found in C:\windows and you'll see many of these .cpl files among others.  Look at their names and delete them appropriately
Q. I deleted some of my unused fonts, however, when I restarted my PC, I find that my Windows fonts are extremely big.
A. Looks like you've deleted a raster font that came with Windows.  These include Courier, MS San Serif, Serif, Small, and Symbol.  More likely, you've deleted the MS San Serif font used in Explorer Windows.  Use CabView to look for a file called Sserife.mon.  The other fonts are Serife.fon, Smalle.fon, Symbole.fon, and Coure.fon.
Q. Can I delete files found in the c:\windows\temp directory?
A. Absolutely.  Files found here are...well...temporary!  You can safely delete anything you find in this directory without any worries.
Q. Can I use files I have in Windows 3.1 with Windows 95/98?
A. Yes.  All Microsoft Operating Systems have the feature of backward compatibility.  Therefore, file structures created in older OS's will work with new ones.
Q. When I am in DOS, drive D: contains everything from C:, and C: everything from D:
A. A known Windows 95 bug.  Windows seems to be confused as to what your hard disks contain.  The important thing is not to run any Disk Utilities or edit/run anything in DOS.  Restart your PC and then go to to update the Disktsd.vxd.  Now enter the Knowledge Base and select product.  Enter kbfile Dsktsupd.exe and click on Go.
Tip from CyberiaPC World!
Always backup your data especially all those program and patches you download from the internet in case something goes wrong.
Q. When I right click on the channel bar, the menu closes before I can click anything.
A. This can occur if IE 4.01 Service Pack 1 is installed.  All you have to do is right click on a blank space on the desktop and then right click a channel on the channel bar
Q. I played around with the registry.  Now I can't boot into Windows
A. Restart your PC in DOS mode and type the following each followed by an ENTER:    


attrib -r -h -s system.dat
attrib -r -h -s system.da0
ren system.dat system.bad
ren system.da0 system.dat
attrib -r -h -s user.dat
attrib -r -h -s user.da0
ren uder.dat system.bad
ren uder.da0 uder.dat
Q. When I try and run a game, I get the message that a required .dll file, Dinput.dll, was not found.
A. This is a DirectX file.  So you should reinstall the latest version of DirectX to fix this little problem.
Q. Why does my PC hang after the Windows logo screen is displayed?
A. This can occur for 2 reasons.  1, an antivirus program could be set to check for viruses at startup and as a result of a change in the file halts the system.  2, the display driver is not properly handling the video mode switching that occurs when the Windows logo is displayed.  This problem is known to occur with the ATI Graphics Ultra Pro (Mach 32) display adapter.