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Floppy Disk Drives

Q. I can't read from or write to my floppy disks.
A. The most probable reason is be that the disks are damaged.  If disks are placed on top of each other or beside something like a speaker or any other magnetic device, they become physically damaged.
Q. My floppy drive continually reads a disk that isn't there.
A. A small device for checking changes in disks is turning on.  Dust is probably accumulating in your drive, so clean it thoroughly.  If this fails, replace the drive completely.
Q. My drive light is on constantly and doesn't work.
A.  Shut down your PC, take your PC case off and make sure the A: drive is connected properly.  You've probably put the cable on the wrong way round.
Q. What is Super Disk?
A. Super Disk is a drive similar to a normal 3.5" Floppy drive.  However, it can store up to 120mb on a single disk.  It is also backward compatible with your normal floppies.