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Q. My keyboard keys are starting to stick.
A. All you have to do is take off the keys one by one and remove the dust beneath them.  Please note, some keyboards have their keys glued to the base and therefore, cannot be removed.
Q. I'm sick of accidentally pressing the Windows key during games and having it minimize them.
A. Well then, go to and download the program 'Kernel Toys'. You'll find a keyboard remap program.  Download it and that pesky Windows key will never bother you again.
Q. When I am typing, different characters appear other than what the keys show.
A. Go to the Control Panel  and double click on Regional Settings.  You've probably got these settings set up incorrectly.  Simply adjust and everything should work perfectly.
Q. My mouse movement isn't very smooth.
A.  Unscrew the bottom cover of your mouse and clean the rollers.  They gradually pick up dust over time.
Q. My mouse movement is very jerky even though the rollers are clean.
A. For this one, you have to take the mouse completely apart and check the wheels connected to the rollers for any dust or excessive grease.  Clean all this and the sensors should be working once more.