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Name Size Description More Info Which OS? Website
Whisper 32 1.12 422 Take control of all your passwords. I like it. Freeware Win95/98

click here

Winsecure-IT v5.0 631Kb The system is locked until the correct password is entered. Freeware Win95/98

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RecoverDUN v1.00 229Kb This program recovers all cached DUN passwords for the currently logged-in user. Freeware Win95/98 click here
PassMan v7.8 2.7MB Protects your desktop, files, and passwords. It takes over the entire desktop, denying access to anyone without the proper password. Freeware Win95/98/NT click here
Password Generator v1.2 333Kb User-friendly password generator Freeware Win95/98/NT click here
ElectrusMYAC v1.00 250Kb Recovers forgotten passwords from Microsoft Money 97/98/99 data files and Access 95/97 databases. Shareware Win95/98/NT click here
Random Password Generator-PRO v8.0 5MB Creates up to 1,000,000 unique passwords with as many as 60 characters each in a single execution. Shareware Win95/98/NT click here
Password Recovery Toolkit v1.9.9 1.2MB Retrieves forgotten passwords for most office application files (like Excel, Word, Mail, Outlook, Lotus 1-2-3, Schedule, Access, Backup, Money, VBA projects). Demo Win95/98/NT click here
Password Keeper '99 v2.01 1.1MB Stores all your passwords in an encrypted file. Freeware Win95/98/NT click here
Password Logger v1.00.003 743Kb Keeps tracks of all your passwords and usernames. It shows up in the system tray, making your passwords one click away. Freeware Win95/98/NT n/a