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Name Size Description Type OS Website
WebResume 6.1MB Easily write your resume and send it to the people you want. Shareware $19.95 Win95/98/NT

click here

MiniApps Ver 2.97 1.37MB 25 free apps that aim at making your life easier and more organized. Freeware Win95/98/

click here

AceReader 723Kb Train your eyes to speed read on the computer. Shareware Win95/98/NT click here
Instant Drive Access Pro V1.50 935Kb Installs an icon in the system tray and displays your drives for quick access. Shareware Win95/98/NT click here
MicroManager V1.2 2.5MB Management tool. Shareware Win95/98/NT click here
Acrobat Reader 5.0 5.2MB Read PDF files easily with this latest version. Freeware Win9x/Me/NT/00 click here
Acrobat Reader 4.0 5.2MB Read PDF files easily with Adobe's Acrobat reader. Freeware Win95/98/NT click here
123 Free Solitaire


Nice bunch of card games. Shareware Win95/98 click here