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Why study Programming...

This was the first thing I heard someone say when I announced that I was going to become a programmer.  "Why study programming!" they would say, "Why waste your time writing programs when you can buy them for only a few dollars?".  Ahem, $400 for Microsoft Office isn't "only a few dollars" I would say to myself every time. In fact, money isn't the only thing that motivates people to become programmers. In fact , in my opinion it's an art that can bring great pleasure to those working with it all the time.  It's not all about writing something and turning it into a cash cow, it's about experiencing the sensation that you have achieved something and created something that no one else has.  Anyone with the determination can do it. I think it would be best if I summarized the reasons for studying programming in a list form.  Here goes:

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishing something.  It's like making your very own robot, or having a child (I think I'm going a bit too far. Sorry)

Being thrilled when you see that people are actually downloading and using your program.

Learning how to overcome problems and how to get past dead ends.

Learning the art of  communication with the inquiries of novice users.

It's something that can keep you busy when you've got nothing else to do.

You get to practice mathematics and problem-solving without you knowing it.

Umm...there might be more, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

Well, as you can see, programming isn't just about sitting down in front of your monitor until 3 in the morning typing jargon.  It can be really fun.  And if anyone ever asks you why you're studying programming, sit them down, roll up your sleeves, comb your hair, fix your tie, put on your jacket and say...

"I'm going for a walk"