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Why only C++ and VB are discussed here

Well, the main reason is because C++ and VB are the only programming languages that I've studied, as of yet (That was 2001, I've been working mostly with Java for the past two years).  I remember studying BASIC and Turbo Pascal a long time ago, but I think that writing tutorials for these programming languages will not be of great benefit.  Besides, I don't think I can recall very much of either language.

On the other hand, VB and C++ are the most popular programming languages at present.  Therefore, if you master either language there will be millions of people around the world whom you can exchange ideas with.  These high-level languages owe their popularity to their exceptional features, user-friendliness and their ability to create and manage powerful applications.

So there you have it, a brief explanation of why C++ and VB are discussed here!