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Note: This section has been deemed an Ancient Section. Backup your files, lock your doors and make sure you're not alone before reading any further...
VB and C++

The main reason for creating this section is to provide the beginner with an easy guide to programming.  Fundamental topics of C++ and Visual Basic* are discussed in step-by-step tutorials designed so that they're east to follow.

Note: These tutorials were written in 2000/2001 when I myself started learning VB and C++.  The topics covered herein might currently seem overly simplistic, but I think it's beneficial to keep this section up for anyone who is new to the field.

Some of the assertions that are made throughout may be incomplete.  To be honest, I don't want to go back and update all the tutorials, so just take them for what they are and learn from the parts that are of use to you.

* Visual C++ 6 and Visual Basic 6 will be used for this section

Why are only C++ and VB discussed here?

Why Study Programming?

Which of the Two Programming Languages is Easiest to Learn?

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