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I came up with this idea as I was writing the tutorials for this section.  The truth is that the best way that I learned how to program was by looking at sample source code and examples.  This not only shows you the complete picture of any topic being discussed, but it also shows the user how to practically implement commands and functions.  It is not enough to understand the theory behind things, as I learnt from my experience.  Therefore, I have assembled a collection of sample source code that will really help you in the long-run.  You may even wish to set it aside and use the code as a reference for the future.  

Here are the main features of C++ Coder v1.5:

48 source codes categorized into 6 sections: Iterations (loops), Strings, Integers, Arrays, Conditions, Misc Code.
Detailed commenting of each code.
5 exercises for testing your ability to find errors in complete C++ programs.
"Spot the Error", with 9 exercises for spotting the error in a single function.
Contains help section with a few common C++ Questions.
Includes professional-looking Windows 2000 style setup and uninstall.
What's New in  v1.5:
3 new source codes (Files, Structures, Switch Case)
New: 13 short quizzes on C++
C++ glossary of key terms
All questions and comments and additional information should be posted here.
Note that C++ Coder works with Windows 95/98/Me/XP.

Here are some extracts from the program:


Download C++ Coder v1.5!