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Description More Info Which OS? Website
Comfind 24Kb A great COMs checker. Freeware Windows 95 n/a
Waste 95 756Kb Tells you how much space is being wasted on your hard disk. Freeware Win95/NT n/a
Memory Status 14.6Kb A good memory checker program. Freeware Windows 95 n/a
Norton Crash Guard 1.5MB If your computer crashes, it brings it back to normal with its 'Unfreeze' tool. No Limitations Win95/98/NT click here
System Cleaner 98  569Kb An excellent way to spring-clean your system using excellent tools. Shareware Win95/98 click here
Disk Cleanup 136Kb A good cleanup program but not a lot of options to choose from. Shareware Win95/NT click here
Hard Drive Sleep 63Kb  Stop your hard disk from spinning after a set time! Shareware Win95/98/NT click here
Format 2000  1.36MB Format your hard disk the quick and easy way. Freeware


Scandisk Manager v1.1  13.6Kb Disable Scandisk running automatically when Windows is not shut down properly. Shareware (Unlimited) Win95/98 click here
EasyCleaner ver1.5  1.15MB Finds duplicate files, all kinds of unnecessary files, invalid registry entries and shows info about your space usage  Freeware Win95/98 click here