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Game My Rating Screenshot
21. Rocks 2 Blast incoming rocks before they reach your base and destroy your buildings 64%

22. One Slime Volleyball Great gameplay!  You'll love this one. 89%

23. UFO A cool game.  UFOs fall from the sky and you have to blast them with your rockets before they reach the ground. 81%

24. Wastem Smash red bottles with your limited ammo. 69%

25. Space Invaders A copy of the original.  Although this has nicer graphics and sound effects it lacks some of the old features! 82%

26. Nokia's Snake II Play the popular game of Snake 2. 87%

27. Reversi A good game. 81%

28. Missile Commando 2 I like this game and dislike it at the same time.  It's fun but doesn't have the touch of addictiveness the other games have.  Try it!  84%

29. Hunt The Wumpus A cool game, quite addictive.  You'll need a 64mb 3D card and DirectX 8.0 for this one! (Sorry, that was lame) 86%

30. Long Ball The classic American dream game, baseball.  If you're a fan of the sport then you'll like this one. 86%

31. Bombs Away A play a nice game of Battle Ship. 88%

32. Splat! A cruel game.  Save it for the day you get fired from work! 81%

33. Dead Man Now you've gone too far, you've made Uncle Joe angry and he'll do anything to get his hands on you. 89%

34. Top Nibbles A 2-Player game of Nibbles. 86%

35. Sokoban Again, I first played this on an old Amstrad and really like it. 92%

36. Battle Ship A recreation of the classic Battle Ship game.  With sound effects! 75%

37. Battle Ship II Another recreation of the classic Battle Ship game.  I like this one better. 84%

38. 3D Driver A nice racing game.  Fun and smooth gameplay. 81%

39. Trekkieroids An asteroids clone, with a nice little twist and great enemies. 83%

40. Caterpillar A very cool game, which is very similar to Nibbles except that it looks and plays much better! 88%


More Java Games: [1-20] [21-40]