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Name Size Description More Info Which OS? Website
HTML Validator Lite 2.2Mb Clean up your HTML so that your web pages load faster and remain cross-platform compatible. Freeware Win95/98

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Dip Stick 203Kb Evaluate mirror sites to figure out which one has currently the least traffic. Freeware Win95/98

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MTU-Speed Pro 4.10 376Kb Helps speed up your internet connection. Freeware Win 95/98 click here
GoZilla ver 3.5 1.69MB Download assistant that downloads from the fastest servers and continues from disconnected connections. Freeware Win 95/98/NT click here
EasyMTU 390Kb Speed up your dial-up connection by adjusting your TCP/IP settings with this tool. Freeware Win95/98 click here
Netscape 6.1 220Kb Nowhere near as bad as 6.0.  This is a really cool release and twice as fast as the previous version. Freeware Win9x/Me/NT/00 click here
KillAd 70Kb Stop those annoying pop-up consoles and Ads appearing when you are on the Web Freeware Win95/98 click here