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Name Size Description Type OS Website
Advanced GIF Optimizer 301KB A very fast program that compresses multiple image files so they load faster Freeware Win95/98/NT click here
Anfy 2.8MB Create Java applets using your own graphics in seconds. Shareware Win95/98/NT click here

Irfan View ver3.10

458Kb A fast image viewer and converter that supports animated GIFs and many other image formats. Freeware Win95/98/NT


Easy Screen 3.5 945Kb Capture your screen, save, edit, and then print it! Shareware Win95/98/NT click here
WinGrab 1.2 915Kb A good screen capturing program that allows you to play around with screen captured images & also save them as jpeg. Freeware Win95/98 click here
Screenshooter 3.0 1.39MB Very simple! It captures your screen and then saves it as bitmap. Freeware Win95/98/NT n/a
Start Menu Cleaner Ver1.51 33Kb Removes redundant files from the start menu.  Very basic yet useful utility. Freeware Win95/98/NT click here
Icon Viewer 3.0 328Kb View your icons in a nice little window. Freeware Win95/98/NT click here
MicroAngelo 98 1.3MB Make your own icons, cursors, and more Shareware Win95/98 click here
Adobe Photosop Elements - Photoshop's baby brother.  Now even beginners and those on a tight budget can take advantage of this powerful application. 30 day trial Win 9x/Me/NT/00 click here
Paint Shop Pro v7.02 27MB An excellent, and cheap, alternative to the heavy-weight Photoshop 30 day trial Win 9x/Me/NT/00 click here
Paint Shop Pro v6.0  6.6MB The latest update of Paint Shop Pro. Shareware Win95/98 click here
Paint Shop Pro v5.03 6.6MB Create and manipulate images and photos.  Excellent image editing suite. Shareware Win95/98 click here