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Peter solves a math problem
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Title:Peter solves a math problem
Category:Other (130 pictures)
Dimensions:440 x 403 px
Submitted by:cyberiapc
Added on:November 18, 2006 06:29:38 AM
File name:funny_peter.jpg
File size:22Kb
Rating:2.81 / 5 with 1234 votes
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Tags:Peter solves a math problem
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Visitor comments
Posted by Guest on November 08, 2012 01:18:08 AM
10. i hat this math
Posted by Guest on November 05, 2012 09:21:32 PM
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Posted by Guest on March 30, 2010 10:23:07 AM
8. a^n+b^n
Posted by Guest on July 10, 2009 07:49:00 PM
7. i think he knew it was meant with humor as you see the teacher's comment.. not every "fail" is a fail just because it looks like it... nice peter xD
Posted by Guest on May 24, 2007 08:51:27 AM
6. i suck at math kind of my resemblence
Posted by Guest on May 06, 2007 01:34:47 AM
Posted by Guest on April 29, 2007 10:54:47 PM
4. lol what an idiot
Posted by Guest on February 28, 2007 10:13:37 PM
3. lol
Posted by Guest on January 21, 2007 09:42:25 PM
2. math problem
Posted by Guest on January 21, 2007 09:42:07 PM
1. math problem on a board
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