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Worst XSLT Editor Ever v0.1 released

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Posted 12 June 2005 - 03:31 PM

What is this?

It's a project I worked on a couple of years ago for one of my courses. The idea was to do something about XSLT verboseness.

How does it differ from other XSLT editors?

The project is still too early in its development life cycle to be compared to other, more mature, editors and IDEs. Nevertheless, it does provide a complete set of tools that a programmer can use for writing XSLT.

There are no plans to further develop this project.

Some of the features of this editor:

- Ctrl+Shift brings up a list of frequently typed XSLT elements with a shortcut letter that allows one to be inserted.
- Shorthand Notation supports two groups of elements that abstract nicely to programmatic constructs: xsl:call-template and xsl:with-param elements and xsl:choose, xsl:when and xsl:otherwise. They can be written using the shorthand notation as a method call and a case-default construct, respectively.
- Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys navigate between elements and attributes.
- User preferences allow inserted code to be customized.
- One or more elements can be wrapped with an inserted element.
- Multiple XSLT files can be opened and edited at once.

The download file contains help sheets to explain how to use the program.

What are its known limitations?

- The preferences window is not user friendly in that the options that should be set via radio buttons are set by typing 'YES' or 'NO' into text fields.
- When closing an open document, the user is prompted to save even if no changes have been made to it.
- Only one construct can be typed at a time in the shorthand notation text area. Therefore, a case/default construct may not be followed by a method call, and vice versa.

Where can I get it from?

Right here. You can download it either as a zip or tarball from the links below. The download file contains JAR and EXE binaries. If you don't have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 installed, you can get it here.

There are no plans to further develop this project.

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Posted 20 June 2005 - 09:59 AM

Let's see how this is going to help me biggrin.gif I can't cope with XSLT syntax! (may be the book i read has many typos!)

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