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Shockwave Flash Games: Classic games from Nintendo, Namco, Capcom, Atari, and others

A big hand of applause to all the great developers behind the games.  I think you'll enjoy the revamped versions of games such as Pacman, Space Invaders and Pong, which are all available in the Java Games section.  Remember: There are over 40 classic and recent games available in the Java Games section!

Are you the developer of a cool Flash or Shockwave game?  Or have you played a game that you would highly recommend to others?  If so, then tell me about it and I'll try to have it up as soon as possible. Note: You can also visit the arcade in our community forums for games that all have high scores tables!

Game My Rating Screenshot
1.  Pacman Similar to its Java-based cousin.  However, the added 'High Scores' feature and relative speed earns this version an added few points.  

2.  Space Invaders It's amazing how similar this game's gameplay is to the original Space Invaders.  You'll enjoy this one.  Includes 'High Scores'.

3.  Pong What can I say. It's a classic that refuses to go away.  Fun nevertheless.

4.  Arkanoid As you've probably guessed, I'm a Breakout freak.  This version performs ok, even though it has certain glitches in gameplay.

5.  Ultimate Flash Sonic A great Sonic clone! Sometimes it can slow up your PC though so be careful.

6.  Mini Putt I remember playing a PC game called 'Mini Putt' a few years ago.  Addictive and fun to play!

7.  Driller A very well-done clone by Max K of the original Mr. Driller.  Shame there's no sound though.

8.  Snake Emulates the ever-popular game found on most mobile phones.

9.  Kick Off Probably the best football/soccer game in Flash available.  The gameplay and graphics combination is near perfect.  Difficult to play at first, but you'll eventually get the hang of it.

10.  Duck Hunt Remember shooting at your screen with that good old Nintendo gun?  This version is almost an exact replica of the original.

11.  Lunar Command An excellent Missile Command clone.  Gameplay, graphics and sound are superb!  Includes 'High Scores'.

12.  Donkey Kong A very addictive game that looks and plays almost exactly like the original.  I remember playing this game for hours back in the old days.  Too bad there's only one level.  The scoring and life ups are also useless.

13.  Duck Hunt With somewhat better graphics.  I just had to include this game, even though it has some flaws of its own.

14.  Starship Seven A fun game to play.  You have to move around obstacles with a space ship.  Looks, but doesn't really play like, Lunar Lander.

15.  Bomberman A very fast-paced Bomberman clone that is somewhat difficult to win.

16.  Digininja RPG A not-so-bad RPG attempt with Flash.  I just wish the small ninja guy would move around a bit faster!

17.  Digininja Level 1 This version of the game is more action-oriented.  The gameplay/controls might be a bit difficult to grasp in the beginning.

18.  Bubble Trouble A great clone of the Capcom classic Buster Bros.  Very addictive!

19.  Froggy A clone of the original Frogger, which I never played.  it's a nice and fun game.

20.  Flashteroids A flash version of the Arkenoids classic.  But I still like the general feel and gameplay of the Java version.

21.  Mario Rampage You play Mario in the SM World and have to kill as many moving objects as you can

22.  Alien Invasion 2 Reminds me of an old game...Can't really remember what it was called.

23.  Lunar Lander Nice Lunar Lander clone.

24.  Commando