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Note: This section has been deemed an Ancient Section. Backup your files, lock your doors and make sure you're not alone before reading any further...

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

What is an Easter Egg? In computer terms, Easter eggs are pieces of code that perform operations not mentioned in the official user manual.

Note: some Easter Eggs don't work with certain regional versions of Windows/Office (like Arabic or Chinese for example).  If IE4 is installed, they might also not work since IE messes around with some critical Windows libraries!  Most of the Office easter eggs may not be compatible with Office 2000 or latest versions of Microsoft software.  I recently read that programmers of companies like Microsoft are no longer including easter eggs in their software.

In response to users who have emailed me about these easter eggs not working in current software, the reason is that the easter eggs below are fairly old and will only work with the mentioned versions of software.

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