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Note: This section has been deemed an Ancient Section. Backup your files, lock your doors and make sure you're not alone before reading any further...

Misc. Applets & Animations

1. Text Floater (Java) -Text that floats across the screen!

2. Menu (Java) -A nice customizable menu.

3. Portal Effect with text (Java) -Spiral effect in background and text moving forwards!

4. Scroll Applet (Java) -Good for displaying the latest updates from your web site.

5. Analog Clock (Java) -A very nice and simple analog clock.

6. Spinning Shape(Java) -Get a logo to spin randomly in the applet window.

7. Animated Banner (Java) -A banner that changes images every few seconds

8. Changing Text (Java) -A customizable block of text that changes every few seconds.

9. Forever Counter (Java) -Set it to whatever number you want and it will keep counting.

10. Glossary (Java) -A beautiful looking glossary provided by Sun Microsystems.

11. Sine Text (Java) -Get any string to bounce up and down.

12. Fade (Java) -Text that beautifully fades out and is then replaced by another text!

13. Following Eyes (Javascript) -Eyes that follow the mouse pointer.


14. Mancount (GIF)

      Counter that goes on forever

15. Monkey Count (GIF) 

      Similar to Man Count

16. Microsoft Crash 3.2 (GIF) 

      I see you're smiling...aha!

17. Angry with the Keyboard (GIF)

         Beautifully rendered!

18. Remember DNA? (GIF)

19. Automatic Number Countdown? (Javascript) -Set the final date you're off!

20.  Overwrite Windows! (GIF) 

          Install the MacOS 8.0 over your current installation of Windows

21.  Analog Clock (Javascript) -Displays a little text clock which can be customized.