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About started out around 1998/1999 as a website providing solutions to computer problems. It also had tips and tricks on speeding up PCs as well as articles that I gathered from different magazines such as the excellent PC Answers. Parts of the original site are still up at (warning: accessing the link may lock up some browsers!)

After the joys of getting a domain name, more tutorials were added as well as programs that I'd written in VB like AAScripter. In 2001, I think, the forums were added. The software was a free version of UBB that InfoPop eventually stopped because people were writing mods for it to make it like or better than the paid version. There were originally only three forums.

Then in 2002, the old board was lost in a host transfer and we started from scratch and built this great community of support staff, mods, +members and members.

What sets this website apart? Well, hopefully there's something that does. But really, its sole reason for existence is to help out people with their problems and provide as much free information as possible.

All the members of the support team are volunteers. If someone has helped you out with something, you might want to thank them by email or PM.

usr.c (Ali Almossawi)
Other than programming, I like nitro and electric RC racing, horse-riding, poetry and playing soccer. My personal page is available here.
If you ever had any problem with .Net, ASP, web Design issues (CSS/javascript), SQL server & any related topic, i won't guarantee to be of much help but i will for sure learn a lot from your mistakes! so please post it in the forums! Thanks!
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Currently working on Associates Degree at a state funded college in Computer Science/Networking. After that going to get Bachelors. After graduation in the spring I'm going to get ready to take the A+ Hardware and Software, Network+, and Windows Server 2003 MCSA certification tests. Besides school I enjoy movies, video games and my girlfriend.
Hi Dude'z! I've been trolling CPC for ages, even before i actually registered, and it's an honor to be on a great site, and help out on it. So, about me, I found a true love for Nintendo & Game Systems. I own a slue of game systems, rare and common, and also a slue of games, totaling over 20 game systems and 1000 games (easy). I've never really done an inventory... I'm afraid to realize how much of my life went in front of those games.. Umm, besides that, not much else to report on myself. I'm usually good with computer knowledge, I'm lazy, overworked, and sometimes, I just need to relax, have a smoke, and have a Guinness. Cheers!
Currently attending school for Mechanical Engineering and minoring in comptuers, I spend a lot of time dealing with computers. I spend a lot of time modifying cars and playing computer games, too. When I'm not doing either, I'm cruising around the town or finding out the next way to break my computer, heh. I've been here at CPC for a long time so if you have questions about anyone or anything, feel free to post and we shall do our best to get you the answer you're looking for! We don't bite so jump in and join us!
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I'm currently in my senior year at High School and spend most of my time playing basketball and designing graphics.
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