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If any of these programs have been useful to you and you feel that they have helped you out with your website, then I'd really appreciate it if you could show your support and make a small donation (via PayPal).  Thanks!

Feel free to download the following programs to your hard disk.  Please make sure you read the Read First text file before running the program.  Enjoy!   Quick Answers: If you're facing problems, then you'll get the quickest response by posting your questions at the Community Forums.
 Program Name  Size Screenshot
1. Simplified PDP-8 Simulator 1.0 Simulates the 1965 minicomputer.  This program comes with sample machine code that can be fed into the simulator and then processed.  (2004) 48KB

2. AAScripter v2.0 Contains over 200 Javascript/DHTML scripts with instructions, sample pages and many more features.  Also includes a simplified web browser, a Web Elements section containing 45 cool icons for your site, and the option to add your own scripts...  Over 12,000 downloads a month!  (2002) 2.5MB

3. AADUN Pass Revealer 3.0  Reveal any password typed in the password box of this Windows DUN clone.  Yeah I knows, cheap and uncanny! (2001) 0.9MB

4. AAEncoder72 v1.0 A collection of 3 encryptors as well as a Custom Encoder feature to let you make your own! (2001) 1.4MB

5. C++ Coder v1.5 60 C++ source codes and exercises, quizzes, a glossary... (2001) 1.7MB

VB first tries/old apps
EasyList (1.8MB)
HappyClick (0.9MB)
AAClock (84KB)