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EasyList v3.0.1


A shabby list management program.  Works nonetheless.


Updates in this version

The program was rebuilt from scratch to get rid of previous bugs and
problems. Here are some new features in this version:

a) A more robust program
b) Program has been visually edited to make it much more beautiful
c) Options to save, clear or minimize lists
d) Option to make EasyList top-most or Non-topmost
e) Now, user can set the password for My Private List and then change
it at will
f) NEW QuickNotes! Useful for jotting down quick info like web URL's...
g) Smaller file size and quicker load times
h) Setup program updated
i) Automatically load Lists on start-up

Technical Specs:

For Win95/98/NT
RAM: 8MB minimum
CPU: Pentium 100 minimum
Program version: v1.0
Support: email

Download v3.0 now!

See screenshots of EasyList v3.0: Image 1   Image 2

Program includes Readme file.

Quick Answers: If you're facing problems, then you'll get the quickest response by posting your questions at the Community Forums.