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AAScripter FAQ


Q. I want to retain my custom scripts in v2.0 and use them on a different machine.  How can I export my scripts in the My Scripts category to a file?

A. This is a simple process, however, make sure you backup your registry before doing this because changes to the registry are irreversible.  Click on Start, Run and type regedit.  Now go to Registry and select Export Registry File.  Choose All for the Export Range option, select a name and click OK.  If anything happens to your system, simply double click on the file you created and your registry will be restored.

Now, to export your list: Go to  HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, VB and VBA Software Settings, AAScripter.  Click on Registry, Export Registry File.  Make sure Selected Branch is selected under Export Range.  Finally, type in a name and click on OK.  All you have to do now is copy the file you just created to the new machine and double click on it.

Q. I am running Windows 2000 and the program doesn't work.

A. The program hasn't been tested on Windows 2000 so sorry for any problems there.  I am working on a solution for this for a future release.  

Q. How can I get the registration code to register the product.

A. The code is at the top of the main AAScripter page.  Anyway, save yourself the fuss, it's alicyb.  This is not needed if you have v1.84 or higher.

Q. One of the scripts uses images, where can I get this image from?

A. If you go to Start, Programs, and then AAScripter, you should see 3 files; AAScripter, Readme and All the scripts, images and files required by some scripts are stored here. Simply unzip it and you'll find the files  inside it.

Q. When I run the setup file, it requests to update some of my system components, so I let it.  Now, my Windows Explorer crashes repeatedly, after startup every instance thereafter.

A. This shouldn't happen, the setup file should update the system files properly and work smoothly.  If you do face this problem then Microsoft is to blame.  It seems that it's the way VB overwrites system files on some systems.  All you can do is uninstall the program and then download AAScripter v2.0, which uses a more robust setup file.


Q. When I try to Install I get the message "Setup cannot continue because some systems files are out of date on your system. Click OK if you would like setup to update these for you now. You will need to restart Windows before you can run setup again. Click cancel to exit setup without updating system files."

A. Say OK and then restart your computer and run setup again.  If you are still faced with the same problems, some system files on your system might be write protected.  Remove the 'Read Only' attribute from your files or alternatively, download AAScripter v2.0, which fixes this problem.

Q. I have a Matrox video card and am using v1.6, but the program isn't displayed properly.

A. v1.6 seems to be having a problem with some Matrox graphics cards.  Known issues are that the program isn't displayed completely or seems sliced.  If you're facing these problems and you own a Matrox graphics card, try downloading the latest drivers for your card.  This problem has been solved in v1.8.  Here is a reply I got from Matrox regarding v1.6's problem: 

This problem has been identified and addressed, the next released drivers will contain the fix. Sorry I do not have an ETA for these drivers.