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AAScripter Revision History

v1.0 (25 Sep, 2000):

   First release of AAScripter.

v1.5 (26 Oct, 2000):

   Program EXE was around 100MB, this was reduced to just 2MB.
   Minor glitches were fixed.
   Browser worked perfectly.
   Users with Matrox cards could now view the program properly.

v1.6 (22 Nov, 2000):

   Main screen tweaked
   All sample pages updated.
   Featured in .NET magazine

v1.8 (1 Feb, 2001):

   50 new scripts have been added along with 50 new sample files to go with them.
   Web Elements.  New section: Includes 46 cool bullets, dividers and icons for your site!
   EXE size reduced to 1.44MB.  Fits nicely on any floppy disk even without compression.
   Added support for Windows NT (hyperlinks and loading of forms)
   Visual changes made to make the program look more appealing.
   Oval outline removed so that program works perfectly with all graphics cards.
   Minor update to setup wizard.  Bugs fixed.  (May 2001)
   v1.82: Bugs fixed, different SETUP wizard, no more Registration code required!
   v1.84: 3rd party plug-in removed.

v2.0 (1 Sep, 2001):

   My Scripts.  Now, you can add up to 30 of your own scripts to AAScripter!
   New interface.  Main screen is much less cluttered with the use of a new menu bar.
   New option to change the background of the main screen to several choices.
   New Windows 2000 style Setup/uninstall files.
   Support for Windows ME.