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AAScripter v2.0 is a very useful program which contains more than 200 scripts which are useful for all webmasters.  Whenever you want to create a web page you always go looking for fancy scripts that allow you to display something in the Status Bar or remove the underline for hyperlinks or even display a pop-up menu.  Now, you can use this little program to easily search for these scripts from within the program and then be able to easily copy-and-paste the code, view a demo page, and read detailed info about each script.  Program also includes help section and the option to add your own scripts.  Other sections include Web Elements, which includes over 45 small icons, bullets and dividers for your site, and a skin chooser.

v2.0 Updates:

     My Scripts.  Now, you can add up to 30 of your own scripts to AAScripter!
     New interface.  Main screen is much less cluttered with the use of a new menu bar.
     New option to change the background of the main screen to several choices.
     New Windows 2000 style Setup/uninstall files.
     Support for Windows ME.
     Check out these cool new skins available in AAScripter v2.0:

Help  & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

AAScripter Revision History

Technical Specs:

For Win95/98/ME/NT
RAM: 8MB minimum
CPU: Pentium 133 minimum
Program version: v2.0

View screenshots of AAScripter v2.0: Image 1   Image 2   Image 3

View screenshots of AAScripter v1.8: Image 1   Image 2   Image 3

Download v2.0 Now! (2.5MB)
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Other Download Sites:

2.  RocketDownload (currently down)


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2. Rated 5 out of 5 by TUCOWS rating 5/5
3. Rated 4 out of 5 by Rocket Download (View Review) - currently down
rating 4/5
4. Rated 4 out of 5 by innDir
5. Featured in The Internet Magazine, September 2001 Issue
6. 5 stars from
7. 5 checks from Freeware Pro
8. Reviewed in The Outrider (
9. Included in .ExE magazine (dutch) by
10. Featured in 'PC Magazine' published by VNU Business Publications Italia
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13. Featured in Computer Shopper Magazine CD (September 2003)

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