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AADUN v3.0

Note: Ok guys, I just came to the realization that AADUN is categorized as Spyware on a number of websites. Just to clarify things, I wrote this crude app. for fun back in 2001 when I was a teenager. Unfortunately, some of the pages on this website are prehistoric and haven't been updated in years. Please don't hurt me. (March 6, 2006).


Have fun with your friends as you reveal any password they type in this Dial-Up Networking clone

Technical Specs:

For Win95/98/NT
RAM: 8MB minimum
CPU: Pentium 100 minimum
Program version: v1.0
Support: email
Download v3.0 now!

See screenshots of AADUN:  Image 1   Image 2

Program includes Readme file.

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